EPV Corporation is the latest generation of a 28-year old transportation legacy dedicated to producing the “greenest”, alternative vehicles in the mass transportation industry. EPV produces environmentally friendly buses in three model ranges – Intercity and Commuter Coaches for CNG or diesel fuel, Hybrid Electric Transit Buses employing the Capstone Microturbine, and All Electric Shuttle buses for sustained operation in urban cores. EPV’s clean electric propulsion systems are specifically designed to excel in the high density, stop-and-go, urban transit route profile. EPV systems use proven technology in innovative and proprietary ways to provide significant environmental and cost-savings advantages over the competition. All EPV products are produced using high strength construction methods resulting in lightweight, structurally sound buses.

  • Made in the USA

  • Buy America compliant

  • Production ready

  • In continuous revenue service


The EPV ECOCoach

EPV has its origins in 1985, when one man set out to manufacture a new standard of tour and over the road coach, eventually bringing hundreds of quality vehicles to world markets. Unique and challenging design solutions are an EPV hallmark in coaches, satisfying special requirements and custom applications at every turn.


The EPV ECOCoach, designed and manufactured in the USA specifically for the US market, is a completely new design featuring EPV’s tested and proven aluminum body construction and a fresh stainless steel chassis. The result is a next generation coach that is lighter, stronger, and more resilient than others in the marketplace. The ECOCoach is designed, manufactured and delivered in the USA.

ECOSaver Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

The EPV Hybrid Electric Transit bus is the first commercial solution combining the advantages of a fully electric drive system with the convenience of diesel, CNG or LPG fuel. With industry leading features like standard plug-in charging and EPV’s patented Zero Emissions Operation, The ECOSaver HEV provides unparalleled performance and value.

The ECOSaver possesses all the same qualities as the “fast charge” electric buses – the ability to accept rapid recharge and operate up to 20 miles on battery only – while incorporating one major advantage lacking in “fast charge” electric buses – the ability to provide continuous, uninterrupted service while the batteries are being recharged. “Fast charge” buses, however, are slow when required to stop for 5-15 minutes to recharge.

ECOSmart All Electric Vehicle (EV)

EPV’s EV bus goes back to the first All Electric Transit Bus capable of extended daily operation, deployed in 2007. The current generation, known as the ECOSmart, remains 100% zero emission and is capable of running 100 miles in routine transit service on a single charge. EPV believes this capability is unique in the industry for proven, production-ready electric vehicles.

Due to the common design between the EcoSmart and the EcoSaver, the vehicles have many similar benefits and advantages. The EcoSmart, however, outstrips even the industry leading ECOSaver with proven fuel economy equivalent of up to 18.8 miles per gallon in service, and charging costs below $8 per day!

At EPV Corporation, we believe our employees are our most valued resource and that work should be a challenging, stimulating and rewarding experience. We therefore strive to create an environment that values and encourages commitment, integrity, and teamwork. Employees consistently subscribe to these values while interacting with fellow employees, our customers, and others.


We believe EPV Corporation is an excellent place to work and we will strive to constantly improve our working conditions for all of our employees. To search for available opportunities, please visit our Career Search page




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EPV is committed to a drug-free workplace. All employment is contingent upon successful completion of drug and background screening.



EPV Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer encouraging diversity in the workplace. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital status, family responsibilities, pregnancy, genetic information, protected veteran or military status, and regardless of whether the qualified applicants are individuals with disabilities.
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